The past year has transformed the way the international association meetings industry does business. As a result, the International Congress and Convention Association has also reinvented its 2020 ICCA Statistics Report on the association meetings market. The Iceberg partner has prepared this latest iteration of the study with a more holistic and accurate representation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on association meetings globally.

In the 2020 report, you’ll find details on international meetings that were supposed to take place with insights into what became of meetings affected by COVID-19. We’ve added new categories to represent the full spectrum of solutions that event planners implemented in 2020, including virtual and hybrid meetings, postponement, cancellation and relocation.

The report delivers analysis on economic impact, revenue loss and other parameters. An examination of the total expenditure in 2019 versus 2020 reveals the industry’s strong desire to return to face-to-face meetings. However, in the future, meetings are likely to include elements and best practices from virtual and hybrid events.

ICCA Annual Statistics Study 2020 – Analyzing an Exceptional and Transformational Year (ICCA website)

More Delegates, Less Money – ICCA Statistics Reveal Typical Lockdown Meeting (Association Meetings International article)

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