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BESarawak Hosts Inaugural ICCA Association Masterclass

In a three-part video report from the Legacy Capital of Malaysia, #Meet4Impact’s Geneviève Leclerc and GainingEdge Chairman, Gary Grimmer, share the journey of the inaugural 2-day ICCA Association Impact Masterclass, hosted by the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism and funded by BESarawak, led by CEO, Amelia Roziman. Leclerc and Grimmer emphasize the importance of establishing the…

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Leading the Sustainability Charge in Copenhagen

From Boardroom: A leading destination in the business events landscape, Copenhagen has established a strong presence in the industry’s sustainability journey. Constantly with a proactive stance towards the future, the city’s vision is supported by forward thinking champions. Recently, Boardroom had the opportunity to catch up with Kit Lykketoft, Director of Convention at the Copenhagen…

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Legacy Beyond Impact: The Enduring Significance for Associations

From Boardroom: Ioannis Pallas, ESAE Managing Director, explores the intricate concept of legacy, differentiating it from immediate impact and emphasizing its lasting significance for associations: Let’s imagine for a moment that we are given an association to manage. An association with staff, members, stakeholders, policymakers to advocate to or to consult on topics related to…

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26 January 2025

Association Impact Masterclass, Dublin, Ireland

Held ahead of the BestCities Global Forum in Dublin, Ireland this new groundbreaking training programme, part of the ICCASkills certification programme. This initiative will add valuable enhanced capabilities to the skillsets of association professionals worldwide, enabling them to design, deliver, and measure the impacts of their activities. If you are interested in attending this event,…

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6 November 2024

Community Cafe: Beyond ChatGPT, Online

This workshop will take a deeper look at ChatGPT and explore the universe of other AI solutions. We’ll explore a range of groundbreaking AI tools that can transform the way associations operate and interact. This highly practical session is perfect for those wanting to maximise the potential of AI in their association. If you are…

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5 June 2024

Getting Hands-on with AI: ChatGPT and its Components, Online

Kick-off your AI journey by uncovering the incredible potential AI holds for your association. We’ll start with a showcase of the latest AI innovations and how you can use then in your association today. Then, we’ll include a beginner-friendly guide to understanding and using ChatGPT effectively. This workshop is ideal for those looking to grasp…

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New Report Looks Inside RFP Processes

From Boardroom: The “RFP of the Future” report, recently conducted and published by Conferli, offers an insider’s look at Request for Proposal (RFP) processes within associations. Based on a survey of 94 associations, the study highlights a significant shift towards centralised RFP processes designed to enhance efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. The report reveals that over…

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Association Impact Masterclass to be Hosted by BestCities in Dublin

ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, is pleased to announce that in partnership with the BestCities Global Alliance, that an Association Impact Masterclass will be held in Dublin from 26-28 January 2025. This Masterclass, part of ICCA’s portfolio of educational offerings, will focus on empowering association leaders by enhancing their capabilities in designing, delivering,…

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It’s Not You, It’s Me… No, It’s Us!

From Boardroom, by Martin Sirk: Why do individuals (and the always small number of individuals making decisions on behalf of organisations) decide to join associations? Why do they stay, and more importantly, why do they leave? The generally accepted analysis focuses on the range of services offered by the association, the cost of access, and…

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24 June 2024

ICCA Global Association Forum 2024, Cancun, Mexico

The ICCA Global Association Forum is an annual event focused on bringing together association meeting planners, senior association representatives and meeting suppliers from across the world, to provide valuable insights and practical tools and resources to support the association meetings industry. The event will also incorporate tailored business networking opportunities, using a unique matchmaking technology…

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2 September 2024

The Future of Healthcare Meetings, Zurich, Switzerland

ICCA is proud to announce the ICCA Future of Healthcare Meetings to be held on 2-4 September 2024, in Zurich, Switzerland. The Future of Healthcare Meetings will bring together all stakeholders including healthcare professionals, healthcare association leaders and meeting suppliers to collaboratively explore how healthcare meetings should evolve to stay relevant and engaging for future…

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