BESarawak Hosts Inaugural ICCA Association Masterclass

In a three-part video report from the Legacy Capital of Malaysia, #Meet4Impact’s Geneviève Leclerc and GainingEdge Chairman, Gary Grimmer, share the journey of the inaugural 2-day ICCA Association Impact Masterclass, hosted by the Sarawak Ministry of Tourism and funded by BESarawak, led by CEO, Amelia Roziman.

Leclerc and Grimmer emphasize the importance of establishing the mission and purpose of associations – and their strategic goals – before implementing eventful impact tactics to advance these goals. The Iceberg shares a ‘fly on the wall’ report including the association delegate reaction:

It was Back to Basics as Associations returned to their Mission

And below, Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew, State Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry & Performing Arts of Sarawak emphasised the significance of Business Events in driving industrial strategies, job-creation, and global competitiveness across 13 priority sectors as part of the Sarawak Post Covid Development Strategy 2030 (PCDS), citing how events in Renewable Energy, for example, are advancing Sarawak’s soft power as an intellectual capital in green energy provision:

Sarawak government deploys Business Events to advance priority sectors

Legacy of the Masterclass!

Dr. Anita Suleiman, President of the College of Public Health Medicine, Ministry of Health, Malaysia (KKM) shares her experiences of the Masterclass with an outcome which drew breath as she confirmed her intention to invoke new bylaws to advance the professional competency of post-graduate healthcare professionals (HCPs) – an outcome that, for once, left Leclerc speechless and somewhat humbled that the course could well result in significant advances in Malaysia’s medical provision to the benefit of the ‘user’, the Malaysia Ministry of Health.

We want to advance the competency levels of HCPs

You can also view the Masterclass host, Amelia Roziman, from The Iceberg’s report announcing the partnership with ICCA at IBTM World in November last year, below:

The next edition of the ICCA Association Impact Masterclass will be in Dublin, Ireland from 26-28th January and will coincide with hosts, the BestCities Global Alliance Annual Forum. This presents a double-bill for associations seeking inspiration and education and applications can be made for attendance at either via the following links:

ICCA Association Impact Masterclass

BestCities Global Forum / Email for more information

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