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Why Words Matter and How They Change our Perceptions

From Meetings International, by Sherrif Karamat: The wrong choice of words, no matter how well-intentioned, can have a powerful and unintended effect. We have a striking example of that in the business events industry with the recent resignation of Paddy Cosgrave, former CEO of the Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference. Cosgrave stepped down from…

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From Meetings International: “The bourgeois era, with its false and misleading concept of humanity, is over. A hard century has dawned. No one can master it with meekness but only with manliness and strength. The world is divided into lovers and haters. Only he who stands on solid ground knows exactly when to love and…

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Netherlands’ Triple Helix Approach Essential to Creating Impact

From Meetings International: In 2019, the Netherlands delivered a new vision for meetings and conventions put together by many people in and outside the industry. Conclusion: The triple helix approach of business events for the nation’s key sectors is essential. By sharing expertise and collaboration on specific topics, the Netherlands can achieve an impact beyond…

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Grit: The Art of Never Giving Up

From Meetings International, by Roger Kellerman: Grit is a character trait that combines perserverance, inner drive and the ability not to give up in the face of adversity. It is a crucial factor in achieving success both at school and in professional lift. Grit can also be developed and reinforced by ourselves and through support…

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Gothenburg Tops Global Destination Sustainability Index for 7th Time

From Meetings International: The world’s leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme, the GDS-Index, announced the results of its 2023 sustainability benchmarking process. The results offer insights into the trends and the progress of global destinations’ commitment to transforming their social, environmental, supplier, and destination management offerings. This is the eighth year of benchmarking based on…

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The Unbroken Spirit Runs Deep in Lviv

By Jane Vong Holmes, featured in Meetings International: Lviv’s business events community in Ukraine transforms challenges into solutions amidst war’s impact. Humanitarian hubs, charitable initiatives, and innovation mark their response. Noteworthy are hotels turned shelters, IT companies aiding modernisation, and Lviv’s commitment to building connections. Winning titles like European Youth Capital 2025 and hosting international…

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The Nexus of Destinations and Associations

By Matty Rubenstein, featured in Meetings International: Two deeply interwoven industries have both seen unprecedented change to their business imperatives in the last decade. Yesterday’s cities would compete for conferences as tourist destinations, a boon for hotels, convention centres and entertainment. Today, municipalities see mass-tourism as the key to health, social and economic development. At…

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IAS 2023 in Final Push to Eradicate HIV Transmission in Australia

Thousands of researchers have gathered in Brisbane for the world’s largest and most influential HIV sciences conference, shining a spotlight on global advances in HIV research. Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is playing host to more than 3,000 members of the international research community… From Meetings International…

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Gary Grimmer: We Need to Care About Our Social Licence

Social licence or ‘SLO’ (Social Licence to Operate) is not a new concept. Not any more than sustainability is a new concept. The expression SLO was first coined in 1997 and related to the mining industry. Much has been written about it since. It is essentially the theory that successful businesses… From Meetings International…

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How AI and ML Will Re­de­fine the Future of Business Events

By Scott Steinberg, from Meetings International: If artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) seem everywhere, remember: From Open AI’s ChatGPT to Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing, and Amazon’s offerings, the party is just starting. Soon, meeting and event planners (not to mention attendees) won’t just be able to leverage smart and self-aware technology assistants to…

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Atti Soenarso: Intelligence of Imagination

Has the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) changed our view of how the world will develop? AI can create art no one thought existed and can change the whole academic world because some students think it’s okay to put a word programme like Jasper AI or ChatGPT to write complete essays… From Meetings International…

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