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19 April 2023

Completing the Event Impact Analysis Circle with the Local and Public...

The Fourth Module of the Event Impact Calculator (EIC), the Local and Public Events Module (LPE), was launched in 2019 to complete the Event Impact Analysis Circle. Since then, many Destination Organizations and their partner Convention Centers/Venues use this Module to tell the entire story of Event Impact in their destination. Join us for a…

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22 March 2023

Event Cancellation Insurance – Protecting your Expenses and Profits

Anderson Benson has partnered with Destinations International for event cancellation insurance and risk management policy options to protect destination organizations of all sizes. This program has been specifically designed to protect against expenses and profits in the event of a cancellation during unsettling times. The webinar will provide an in-depth explanation of the coverage and…

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Jack Johnson: The Power of One Single Question

This is a stressful time in our society and just as importantly, within our destination organization family. And I cannot think of a better first step than to reach out to our families, friends, neighbors, and our peers within the destination organization community and ask that simple question, “How are you doing?” From Destinations International…

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Thoughts on a Social License for Tourism, Engagement & Alignment

Around the world, there’s a new course to be plotted as destination organizations look inward at stakeholders and residents and begin to address the organizational changes needed to facilitate that shift: marketing must have a local voice, budgets need to address a wider scope of projects throughout the community with diverse partners… From Simpleview…

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15 March 2023

Delve into the Canadian Event Impact Calculator (EIC)

The Canadian Event Impact Calculator (EIC) launched over five years ago and we now have nearly 25 Canadian Destinations using the tool. With continued growth on the horizon, this is a great opportunity to invite our Canadian members to a special webinar to hear updates on the Canadian EIC Model and to engage with the…

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Iceberg Ambassador Jane Cunningham, director of European engagement at Destinations International, has concluded her ‘Year of the Ear’ and plans to unveil the organisation’s community-led pathway to European services at IMEX in Frankfurt.  Cunningham is seeking to elevate the role of the DMO beyond the visitor economy.

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22 February 2023

WEBINAR | Dimensions of the Black Traveler

Black Americans share a rich and enduring connection shaped by a common struggle and strengthened by an inextinguishable sense of pride. But this audience is not a monolith, especially when it comes down to their experience as travelers. Join us as we break down the distinctions across the Black diaspora and how they travel to…

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15 February 2023

Discovering the Value of Reporting Metrics for your Destination

With the 2022 calendar year ending and many destination organizations closing another financial year, we wanted to showcase two of Destinations International reporting tools that are entirely complementary as part your membership – our Compensation and Benefits and Destination Organization Performance Reporting platforms. We will review how both platforms work and how you can easily…

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7 February 2023
1 February 2023

WEBINAR | Trends and Applications of Tourism Sentiment for 2023

Released annually in January, the 100 most loved destinations around the world are ranked by Tourism Sentiment Index by analyzing billions of online conversations and content about tourism. During this webinar, the Tourism Sentiment Index team will reveal this year’s emerging and global trends and demonstrate how sentiment is helping destinations support the tourism economy.

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10 October 2023

Destinations International | Advocacy Summit, Little Rock, AR, USA

Destination organizations are a community asset responsible for programs promoting their community as an attractive travel destination and enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Through their knowledge of the destination, brand management, promotional programs, and the resulting impacts of visits by people, destination organizations strengthen the community’s economic position…

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18 July 2023

Destinations International | Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, USA

Destinations International’s Annual Convention provides an opportunity to connect peers and thought leaders from inside and outside the industry; an integrated approach to learning regardless of your budget size or discipline focus; relationship-based exchanges among industry providers and destination organizations; diversity of thought by assembling the best minds in local insight and global expertise.

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3 April 2023

Destinations International | CEO Summit, Greater Victoria, BC, Canada

The CEO Summit allows attendees to continue their transformational journey as they join forces with thought leaders and innovative thinkers who believe in collaborative inspiration and growth. Each segment of the CEO Summit is dedicated to a hot topic in today’s destination organization. In 2022, attendees experienced cutting-edge content including time to network and discuss…

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7 March 2023

POWER OF PURPOSE: Business Events Industry Week

POP is an annual one-trip call-to-action for business events stakeholders everywhere to gather in Washington, D.C. — through a series of co-located new/existing experiences — as one global movement to do business, architect their future, demonstrate the power of inclusivity, showcase innovation and insights, and advance key policy initiatives.

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9 March 2023

2023 Convention Sales and Services Summit, National Harbor, MD, USA

The Convention Sales & Services Summit is a cross-functional gathering of sales and services professionals dedicated to helping clients plan and execute successful meetings and events. This year’s summit will challenge you to think about your role and your destination differently, providing insights and information that will promote a deeper collaboration in the sales and…

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Destinations International | 2023 CDME Courses

The CDME program prepares senior executives, who want to advance their careers to blend theory with experience and application of knowledge to help industry leaders thrive in a constantly changing environment. The program focus is on vision, leadership, productivity and implementing business strategies.

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13 February 2023

Marketing & Communications Summit 2023, Norfolk, VA, USA

The summit is the preeminent gathering place of marketing, communications and public relations professionals dedicated to helping destination organizations thrive. This year’s summit will challenge you to think about your role within destination organizations as communities tackle new and diverse issues. Topics include social media and blog content strategy creation, building creative environments for your…

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17 November 2022

Webinar | Collaboration Not Cancellation: Working Together to Create...

With the ever-shifting political climate and most recently the overturing of Roe V Wade, many meeting and event strategists have found themselves in a complicated situation where they are tasked with balancing their organization’s business decisions and values. Though boycotts have a long and complicated history in our culture, travel boycotts have proven to not…

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16 November 2022

Webinar | Transform Your Community Into Allies

Advocacy will always be a critical component of a destination organization’s DNA, whether you’re fighting legislation, funding, championing new development, or defending your existence. To provide destinations with relevant and actionable insights, Destinations International and Tourism Economics are working together to deliver high-frequency analyses of relevant metrics for your community within the SYMPHONY market intelligence…

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