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9 April 2024

Convention Sales & Services Summit, Washington DC, USA

The Convention Sales & Services Summit is a cross-functional gathering of sales and services professionals dedicated to helping clients plan and execute successful meetings and events. Topics include the impacts of a shifting workforce, technological disruption, the new role of the sales and services team, overcoming destination concerns of safety, political climates and human rights,…

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10 October 2023

Destinations International | EDI Summit, Arkansas, USA

The DI EDI Summit is the first of its kind, dedicated to providing destination organizations and travel industry professionals with ideas and solutions on how to increase economic value by creating spaces that authentically welcome people from all backgrounds and abilities. This interactive summit brings the innovative minds of our industry together to share practical…

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9 October 2023

Destinations International | Business Operations Summit, Arkansas, USA

The Business Operations Summit is a cross-functional gathering of destination organization professionals in finance, human resources, operations and technology. This year’s summit will provide insight on post-pandemic recovery from an organizational perspective, focusing on new ways to think about how destination organizations are organized, staffed and operated.

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16 July 2024

Destinations International Annual Convention 2024, Florida, USA

Annual Convention is the destination organization industry’s premier event to meet your peers and gain cutting-edge knowledge to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. The world of destination marketing and management is now completely different. Destination organization professionals of today must have a renewed focus on solutions to tackle the challenges of showcasing organizational strength and…

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From Experience to Transformation

From Destinations International: Our economy is changing from one that delivers experiences to one that creates transformation. And this new way of doing business requires a shift in how destination marketers think about their role as change makers. The travel industry is uniquely suited to deliver on a pandemic-induced craving for self-evaluation, reflection and change….

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Why Do We Look into the Future?

By Jack Johnson, from Destinations International: Every two years, Destinations International, as the world’s largest membership entity and resource for official destination organizations and convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs), looks into the future and releases the DestinationNEXT (DNEXT) Futures Study. It is the largest and most extensive survey of destination organizations around the world…

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Destinations International Releases 2023 DestinationNEXT Futures Study

The DestinationNEXT Futures Study provides a comprehensive overview of the most significant trends affecting both leisure tourism and business events from around the world as well as a list of key strategies leaders can implement to help ensure the success of their organizations and destinations. The report is a key tool for any destination organization…

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Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Tax Revenues Are Falling!

By Jack Johnson, Destinations International: I grew up watching the television show “Lost in Space.” It was about a space colony family struggling to survive when a spy/accidental stowaway throws their ship hopelessly off course. Given my age (and being the youngest in my family and one of the last kids in my neighborhood), I…

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Destinations International’s Community Benefit Funding Model

Through a new community benefit funding model, Destinations International believes that a destination organization is a community asset responsible for programs promoting a community as an attractive travel destination by enhancing its public image as a dynamic place to live and work. Under this model everyone benefits. From Destinations International…

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21 June 2023

The Data and Theory Behind the Event Impact Calculator, Online

While there used to be a “one size fits most” number to determine the impact of events to our destinations, that number often did not fit the unique and specific characteristics of events due to differences in size, time, location, and a variety of other factors. Enter the Event Impact Calculator (EIC) – a more…

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17 November 2023

CDME Course, Ontario, Canada

The CDME program prepares senior executives, who want to advance their careers to blend theory with experience and application of knowledge to help industry leaders thrive in a constantly changing environment. The program focus is on vision, leadership, productivity and implementing business strategies.

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7 October 2023

CDME Course, Arkansas, USA

The CDME program prepares senior executives, who want to advance their careers to blend theory with experience and application of knowledge to help industry leaders thrive in a constantly changing environment. The program focus is on vision, leadership, productivity and implementing business strategies.

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Destinations International & How it Benefits the Tourism Industry

In this episode of The Tourism Teacher, Andi Jaspersen sits down with Andreas Weissenborn, vice president of advocacy and research at Destinations International, to get an overview of what Destinations International is and what they do for the tourism industry. The Tourism Teacher is a part of the Destination Marketing Podcast Network, produced by Relic…

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11 July 2023

Understanding Event Cancellation Insurance

Contracting an event can be a stressful and time-consuming process for both the event strategist and host destination, and the last thing anyone wants is for unforeseen circumstances to force a cancellation. Cancellations can happen for a variety of reasons, from natural disasters and inclement weather to unexpected societal events or shifts in political climate,…

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Take Part in the 2023 DestinationNEXT Futures Study

Iceberg Partner Destinations International is asking for your help in providing critical input into their new DestinationNEXT Futures Study. The new Study, to be released in July this year, will provide: a comprehensive overview of the most significant trends affecting both leisure tourism and business events; and a list of key strategies leaders can implement…

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18 July 2023

Destinations International | Visitor Services Summit, Texas, USA

The Visitor Services Summit is a gathering of visitor experience and community engagement professionals. Join us this year as we focus on re-envisioning the purpose and value of the visitor center and how we engage with our communities, visitors, and residents. Learn from your peers as we share best practices, opportunities, and new innovations.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Destinations International recognizes the importance of cultivating a tourism industry that represents a wide variety of individuals at all levels, celebrating the broad range of human differences among us, while embracing the commonalities we share. Our association is committed to transforming destination communities through thought leadership, best practices and tools based on equity, diversity and…

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19 April 2023

Completing the Event Impact Analysis Circle with the Local and Public...

The Fourth Module of the Event Impact Calculator (EIC), the Local and Public Events Module (LPE), was launched in 2019 to complete the Event Impact Analysis Circle. Since then, many Destination Organizations and their partner Convention Centers/Venues use this Module to tell the entire story of Event Impact in their destination. Join us for a…

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22 March 2023

Event Cancellation Insurance – Protecting your Expenses and Profits

Anderson Benson has partnered with Destinations International for event cancellation insurance and risk management policy options to protect destination organizations of all sizes. This program has been specifically designed to protect against expenses and profits in the event of a cancellation during unsettling times. The webinar will provide an in-depth explanation of the coverage and…

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Jack Johnson: The Power of One Single Question

This is a stressful time in our society and just as importantly, within our destination organization family. And I cannot think of a better first step than to reach out to our families, friends, neighbors, and our peers within the destination organization community and ask that simple question, “How are you doing?” From Destinations International…

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