AMR International in this white paper explores the developments and opportunities for organizers in the US exhibitions industry.  This is essential reading for US event organizers and investors.

What to expect:

  • New insights into the exhibition industry’s performance and outlook
  • Understanding of the evolving needs of attendees and exhibitors
  • Details on AMR’s Exhibitions 2.0 model and how it can delight customers and drive performance

At a glance:

  • The US exhibitions market remains attractive with forecast growth continuing at c. 3.5 percent CAGR through to 2022*
  • The c. 3 percent decline in attendee numbers across the sector in 2017* signals a timely warning to the market, that events must serve the ever-evolving needs of attendees and deliver Return on Time (RoT)
  • Implementing AMR’s Exhibitions 2.0 initiatives can lead to a bottom-line improvement of 10-15 percentage points

*Source: AMR’s Globex 2018 report

The US Exhibitions Industry – Developments and Opportunities for Organizers (AMR International website, registration required)

AMR International Looks at Exhibition of the Future (PCMA article)

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