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Singapore: How Legacy-Building & Impact Go Hand-in-Hand

Singapore’s global influence is undeniable. Moving up a spot as the 7th most innovative nation in the world in the latest Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022, the city attracts associations aiming for meaningful impact and sustainability, fostering knowledge exchange, innovation, and positive community engagement. Home to an airport serving nearly 100 airlines and connections to…

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Sydney’s All-Embracing Path to a Sustainable Future

Sydney, the dynamic capital of New South Wales, is not shy in adopting change to create growth and foster sustainability. New infrastructure and economic clusters are being developed throughout the region under the umbrella of Sydney’s future-focused approach for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable world. From Boardroom…

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Towards a Political Association

Ioannis Pallas, ESAE Association Manager, delves into the evolving landscape of associations and their increasing engagement in political matters. From embracing ESG and DEI policies to actively addressing the public and incorporating political criteria into decision-making, associations are transforming their traditional roles to navigate complex challenges and better serve their members in today’s ever-changing environment…

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All Models are Wrong (but Some are Useful)

From Boardroom Magazine: Statistician George E.P. Box coined this aphorism in relation to his own discipline, but it’s since been appropriated by almost every field of human endeavour. International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk explores how it applies to association business models, with a little help from his new AI assistant…

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The Inside Story of the 2023 European Association Summit

By Vicky Koffa & Remi Deve, from Boardroom Global: For eleven years now the European Association Summit (EAS), organized by visit.brussels, has been offering associations the chance to connect and share good practices and challenges on key issues. Leveraging the EU Year of Skills 2023 as launching pad, the two-day event managed to bring together…

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Five Principles to Live and Lead by

In this op-ed for Boardroom Magazine, Geoff Donaghy, CEO, ICC Sydney and Group Director – Convention Centres, ASM Global (APAC) shares his experience of leading through challenging times and presents his five principles of effective leadership that can be applied by anyone striving to build a successful career.

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