Events that create a long-lasting legacy share a common element: putting change first. This research report is our effort to encourage all event planners (where possible) to ask different questions and to seek different results.

Planning an event is often a matter of priorities. What results do we want? What is the purpose of the event and how will we achieve it? These questions can often produce the same answers. More attendees, more sponsors, more money!

The events examined in this report have taken a different approach. These planners and companies have put change as the primary, overriding objective. They have challenged the traditional delivery model and decided that it wasn’t enough. They, of course, pursued financial success but also wanted to make a profound difference.

This report details inspiring examples of live events that achieved a lasting impact for their attendees, the host city, region, country or the citizens and community. Some projects even made an impact on the wider industry, leaving a legacy that has changed how we all market, sponsor, design or use technology.

We researched over 350 events across the world. Each took place in the past five years, and each changed the game forever. We explored conferences, festivals, exhibitions and corporate events in 39 countries. Large and small events were considered, business and consumer, across dozens of different industries and markets.

We now present the top 29 events that left a legacy within the following categories: meeting design, marketing, generational, sponsorship, technology and sustainability.

The Power of Events (Event MB & IMEX Group, registration required)

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