The torrent of business event cancellations precipitated by the coronavirus crisis has seen planners all over the world examining the small print of their insurance contracts. Indeed many have had to reassess their entire approach to purchasing coverage.

Terry Waller is Managing Director of event insurance specialist Arc International. In this Iceberg exclusive video, Waller compares the difference in insurance coverage taken out by organisers of large and smaller meetings, and how the market will surely change in the aftermath of COVID-19. Waller was speaking to The Iceberg before the World Health Organization declared the crisis a pandemic.

Also in the video, CEO of Talk2 Media & Events Matt Pearce discusses the challenges COVID-19 presented during the run up to the recent AIME in Melbourne. The Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event is an Iceberg partner.

Insurers brace for pandemic claims.

Insurance Companies Limit Event Coverage for Coronavirus (EventMB article featuring Terry Waller)

Case study: Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) (UFI case study featuring Matt Pearce)

With Events Cancelled by Coronavirus, it’s Time to File Claims and Brace for Lawsuits (Northstar Meetings Group article)

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