UFI and Explori Global Exhibitor Insights (November 2017 Edition)

This report gives an overview of the experience and intentions of exhibitors at trade shows across the world. It aims to give event organisers a deeper understanding of the patterns and trends that drive positive and negative exhibitor experiences and the objectives and behaviours that underlie them.

This report has been created in two stages. The first part utilises exhibitor feedback held in the Explori database. This is drawn from post-show email surveys conducted on 1,040 trade shows, across 40 countries, from a cross-section of sectors and sizes. They are primarily organised by “For Profit” organisers, but association organisers are also represented.

The second part was executed using depth interviews with trade show event directors. 57 trade show directors from 17 different countries participated in the depth interviews.

This summary of the research is available free of charge. The full report is available to UFI members in the UFI Members’ area of the UFI website.

UFI and Explori Global Exhibitor Insights (November 2017 Edition) (Research Summary)

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