There is a rising tide in the use of, and engagement with, incentive programs, particularly among top performing companies.

The IRF’s signature The 2020 Top Performer Study shows that the most successful companies have increased their support for incentive programs on numerous levels since the previous study was conducted approximately a year ago. While companies identified as “top performers” show an increased advantage in their engagement with incentive programs, “comparator” companies have increased their involvement with corporate incentive programs, at least in some areas.

While it is difficult to establish whether having a strong belief and investment in incentive programs is the primary driver of successful business performance, or whether successful business performance creates more wealth and therefore, leads to a greater amount of rewards and incentives, there is a clear relationship between incentives and business success. It is most likely that the two go hand in hand with one another.

The IRF 2020 Top Performer Study: What Top Performing Companies Do Differently in Incentives and Rewards (data reference deck and infographic, IRF website)

Infographic: The 2020 Top Performer Study (infographic and white paper, IRF website)

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