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13 November 2018

PCMA Webinar: Data: From Information to Orchestrated Action

Data doesn’t have to be a four-letter word! Learn how you can start to better quantify events and evolve your data capabilities to drive better decision making. In this session we will review basics for success and practical applications that can be employed today. Better understand basic data terminology and the foundational elements for success;…

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25 October 2018

PCMA Knowledge Exchange, London

It’s time for business event strategists to shift their thinking from a traditional sponsorship model to grow revenue. Companies are investing more and more in brand experiences than traditional logo placement. Industry leaders representing international associations and corporations will reveal how they continue to evolve their revenue model then guide you through an idea-sharing exercise…

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8 November 2018

PCMA Webinar: Negotiate Your Way to Happy

If the word ‘negotiate’ makes your stomach clench, mark your calendar because that’s about to change. Spend an hour learning about the psychology of negotiating and how to find middle ground. Explore feelings generated by negotiating, understand them and point that energy in a positive, productive, strategic direction.

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24 October 2018

PCMA Webinar: Take Back Your Life and Health by Letting Go

There’s not one stress-free job on the planet. Instead, your inbox is overflowing.  You just learned your database has been compromised.  And that earlier flight you wanted to catch . . . it departed without you. Even when you plan a stress-free day, another out of control disaster that only you can fix sparks up!…

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11 October 2018

PCMA Webinar:18 Email Rules to Accelerate Results

Every email you send either elevates your reputation and your recipient’s desire to do their best for you, or eliminates the possibility of best results. Applying modern, smart email rules sets your message apart from the crowd. Be prepared for a fast-paced session filled with learning immediately applicable to elevate to your reputation, as well…

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27 September 2018
25 September 2018

PCMA Webinar: Music Licensing and Your Event: What You Need to Know

Understanding music licensing can be complicated and many meeting professionals don’t know where to start. However knowing the rules is an important aspect of ethical meeting planning and can keep you and your organization out of legal trouble. SongDivision CEO Andy Sharpe and leading music rights organization BMI’s Executive Director of Industry Relations, Jessica Frost…

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5 September 2018

PCMA Webinar: Digital Event Strategist Course Online Open House

Join us for our Digital Event Strategist Course Online Open House to learn more about the DES online course. We’ll provide a snapshot of the DES online course and certification. The course is designed to help organizations develop a means to effectively plan, produce and measure the results of their digital engagement practices. You’ll learn how…

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