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15 December 2023

How To Ace the Discovery Phase of Event Design, Online

You’ve started working on a new event, with new clients or stakeholders and you’re starting from scratch – how do you go from square one to designing a plan for your event to meet all of the strategic objectives? In the design and discovery phase, we ask A LOT of questions! Though we are the…

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Popularity of LinkedIn has Soared Among Event Professionals

From PCMA: LinkedIn, you may have noticed, is booming. Long considered the duller, nerdier counterpart to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the 20-year-old business-oriented social-media channel was ranked as one of the top 10 fastest-growing brands in the world in 2022. The platform, which has reported that it adds a new user every three seconds,…

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Why Words Matter and How They Change our Perceptions

From Meetings International, by Sherrif Karamat: The wrong choice of words, no matter how well-intentioned, can have a powerful and unintended effect. We have a striking example of that in the business events industry with the recent resignation of Paddy Cosgrave, former CEO of the Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference. Cosgrave stepped down from…

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PCMA Meetings Market Survey 2023

From PCMA: The last time we conducted the Meetings Market Survey — the results of which had been published every year, without fail, in Convene for 29 years — it was November 2019, and in the public mind, the pandemic referred to early-20th-century influenza, not the global health crisis we were on the brink of…

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Sydney bets all on Intellectual Capital

From PCMA: Progressive and innovative, Sydney is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. In addition to an environment that is ripe for new and expansive ideas, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities is equipped with an advanced infrastructure, from modern meeting facilities to a seamless…

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Destination Canada Initiative Spotlights Intellectual Capital

From PCMA: It’s no secret that Canada attracts flocks of business events with its robust connectivity, top-of-the-line venues, and natural beauty. These days, the destination is promoting — and making readily available — an equally valuable asset: the country’s intellectual capital. Launched in April 2023, the Canadian Visionaries Network (CVN) is a one-stop shop for…

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9 April 2024

Business Events Industry Week, Washington DC, USA

Business Events Industry Week is a curated, multi-day experience focused on advancing the role of the global business events community in solving the economic and social transformational challenges of our audiences. The current environment has given us permission to experiment even more, as our members, customers and audiences are looking for new solutions to complex…

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1 December 2023

Working With Your Venue to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Join us for our newest PCMA ELI subscriber, and PCMA and CEMA member-exclusive benefit, Flash Fridays! Most event planners care deeply about the carbon footprint of our events, but oftentimes, with limited resources and budget, it can be difficult to figure out how to make a difference and where to start. The venue you select…

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10 November 2023

Case Study: Money20/20 | How Do They Do It?

Join us for our newest PCMA ELI subscriber, and PCMA and CEMA member-exclusive benefit, Flash Fridays! Considered the premiere event of the money & payment ecosystem, Money20/20 hosts three major, global events a year that bring together thousands of attendees across continents. Packed with an impressive line-up of speakers and jaw dropping activations, Money20/20 is…

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PCMA Appoints Neil Brownlee as First International Chair Elect

From VisitScotland: PCMA has announced the appointment of Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events at VisitScotland as its first non-North American Chair Elect for 2024. The announcement comes following the successful approval of the 2024 Board of Directors and Trustees Slate, which was presented to PCMA members on September 1, 2023. Directors and Trustees will…

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Skift Take | Transparent and Authentic Leadership

From Skift Meetings: Jaimé Bennett leads PCMA’s ambitious growth strategy in Europe with her distinctive style of transparent and genuine leadership. She is dedicated to organizing impactful events that foster safe and inclusive environments, fearlessly addressing significant industry challenges such as talent and consolidation. Jaimé Bennett is the managing director of EMEA at PCMA and…

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Congress Leaves Legacy for Eco-Friendlier Future of Building

From PCMA: The 28th UIA World Congress of Architects, held July 2-6 in Denmark, demonstrated the power of conferences to create a legacy of change in the world when it launched the “Copenhagen Lessons” — 10 principles for change in the building industry to reach the United Nations’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The congress brought…

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15 November 2023

Webinar: Navigating Mass Social Trauma at Events

In an era marked by exclusionary legislation and outrageous acts of violence, your commitment to creating safe, inclusive events has never been more critical. But, lately that’s getting harder and harder, isn’t it? The far-reaching consequences of mass social trauma, stemming from incidents like shootings, protests, and political injustice can cast a profound shadow on…

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The New Language of Events Spoken by Today’s Audiences

From PCMA: Commonly used industry terms like “hybrid” and “plenary” aren’t resonating with event attendees, and some terminology even makes attendees cringe, according to a Freeman analysis. Meeting professionals who are looking to make their events more appealing to next-generation attendees might consider making a simple shift: Use words to describe your events that resonate…

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PCMA & SANCBE Announce New Sustainability Conference for 2024

From PCMA: PCMA and the Strategic Alliance of the National Convention Bureaux of Europe (SANCBE) today announced a new sustainability conference to be hosted in conjunction with Convening EMEA 2024 (30 September – 2 October) in Barcelona, Spain. The news was shared during the closing session of Convening EMEA 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together, PCMA…

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