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7 August 2018

Technology: Fad or New Normal, MPI Webinar

Meeting professionals see many challenges as they look to the future of events, and one of the biggest is how to make better technology decisions in the face of so much choice. Discover a framework to refer to when considering and investing in technology. From virtual reality and telepresence to RFID and near-field communication make…

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12 June 2018

Be Hip with the Way You Ship, Webinar

No matter event length or type, meeting professionals most likely will need to ship things there. Make sure your materials arrive on time and in good condition with tips on best and next practices in shipping goods and services from recent MPI research. Understand service providers, roles and responsibilities; discover best practices to help you…

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29 May 2018

Track and Leverage Meeting Spend for Maximum Success, Webinar

Meetings are big investments and stakeholder expectations for measurable value based outcomes are at an all-time high. Understand trends that validate the need for a meeting activity, data & spend management process; Examine the umbrella of meeting data and value categories to track and incorporate into an action plan; Learn how to assess and leverage this data to enhance…

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5 April 2018

The Power of Branded Merchandise – Webcast

The products incentive recipients receive may change somewhat from one year to the next, depending on the state of the economy, the evolving taste of the public, or even fads. But making sure those awares are from popular brand name manufacturers never changes. In this webcast, you will learn how brand drives trophy value, and…

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20 March 2018

2018 Tech Summit, Georgia, USA

The 2018 Tech Summit is shaping up to be another jam packed day filled with exciting information about up-and-coming new technologies that you can use in the workplace.  Join us as we explore the ever changing world of event technologies. The 2018 Tech Summit introduces Tech Talks! Tech Talks are short, engaging, and impactful presentations on current and upcoming…

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18 January 2018

Successful Meetings: The New World of Meeting Design – Webcast

The way people interact has changed, a lot. This includes interactions at meetings and events. In this session attendees will learn how meeting spaces are evolving to adopt to the new collaborative style of learning delivery; Develop a better understanding of how technology can help build multi-way communication in the room and much more.

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29 June 2017

ICCA Association Meetings Programme, Fukuoka, Japan

This global programme has been custom-designed for international association executives and for ICCA members who interact directly with associations and their meetings, to learn from and about each other, to explore how to design, organise, negotiate and host more effective and successful meetings, and to build lasting business relationships and friendships.

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