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Hopin’s Descent Signals End of the ‘Pivot to Digital’...

By Phil Soar, Chairman, CloserStill Group and Nineteen Group, from Exhibition News: On 11 August, 2020, I wrote a piece in EN about “Hopin” and have followed this up with occasional health reports since. Hopin was, according to The Times, the future of events, a future which would be almost all online and digital…

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What I Wish I Had Known 30 Years Ago

EN guest editor, CloserStill and Nineteen Group chairman, Phil Soar shares the lessons he wishes he had known 30 years ago: No, this isn’t about wishing I knew how to talk to girls (though it might have helped), nor that buying Apple and Microsoft shares would make me rich, nor betting at 10,000 to one…

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Tarsus & Informa Show the Road Ahead for Major Exhibition Groups

Exhibition News guest editor Phil Soar analyses the effects of Informa buying Tarsus on the wider industry and considers the road ahead for our major exhibition groups: “A couple of months ago that I suggested the trade show world was very likely to be back to normal by 2024 and, in many cases, well ahead…”

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Seven New Deals and the Effects on Big Ticket M&A

Steve Monnington of Mayfield Merger Strategies reports the most recent transactions and analyses the M&A news. As well as several deals announced, there have been two important pieces of news which could impact big ticket M&A. There were also seven transactions announced which brings the total for 2023 to 13… From Exhibition News…

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Dealmakers: Steve Monnington reviews the deals of 2022

In the normal pre-pandemic years of 2018 and 2019 there were over 80 reported exhibition transactions with over 50 buyers. As reported at the end of 2020 and 2021, Covid resulted in about 50% of normal M&A activity. 2022 represented the first post-Covid year but activity was still well below historic levels. From Exhibition News…

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5 February 2021

Exhibition News Awards 2021, London, UK

A new starting point for exhibitions is here… Recognition and celebration is what we all need right now, but the awards signifies something much more important, it will give us a template and new starting point in which we can kick start awards in a face-to-face environment and not just with confidence but with style!…

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