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CEREZALES: Associations Must Adopt Business Model Platforms

Speaking from Luxembourg at the AIPC annual conference, the Iceberg Ambassador and Global Executive Vice President of MCI, Oscar Cerezales, picks up the thread of Skift editor Angela Doyle’s recent post titled ‘Consolidation on the Horizon for Meetings Industry Associations’ insisting that the alphabet soup of association interests needs recalibration. But it doesn’t stop there….

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The Unbroken Spirit Runs Deep in Lviv

By Jane Vong Holmes, featured in Meetings International: Lviv’s business events community in Ukraine transforms challenges into solutions amidst war’s impact. Humanitarian hubs, charitable initiatives, and innovation mark their response. Noteworthy are hotels turned shelters, IT companies aiding modernisation, and Lviv’s commitment to building connections. Winning titles like European Youth Capital 2025 and hosting international…

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11 October 2023

PCMA 2023 Virtual Career Fair

Connect with diverse and talented professionals in the business events industry, in a variety of roles, without leaving your home or office. Reach business events strategists- all with a passion for social and economic progress, professional and personal development, business growth, and organizational success. Space is limited for exhibitors! Register your organization today! Reserve your…

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Where to Meet? How Covid Changed the Criteria

From AMI: A recent report by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) identified a ‘significant gap’ between what associations think destination marketing organisations should be focusing on and what the destinations think themselves. Holly Patrick talks to association experts to better understand what destinations need to do to attract their attention…

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PCMA Courses & Certifications

Become an authority on live stream and digital events; master the art of event measurement, from event conception to post-event debrief; crack the code on producing hybrid events that work for your organization’s needs, budget, and technology; solve complex business challenges with innovation-driven strategic solutions – study on-the-go and on your schedule with PCMA…

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26 February 2024
11 November 2023

ICCA Young Professionals Forum 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

ICCA is proud to announce that the annual ICCA Young Professionals Forum is relocating to the enchanting city of Bangkok on the 11th of November! The Forum brings together young industry professionals from a diverse array of backgrounds. At ICCA, we firmly believe that great ideas flourish when diverse minds collaborate and we are inviting…

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11 November 2023

ICCA Global Business Exchange, Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with fellow ICCA members and create business opportunities by sharing detailed meeting intelligence. ICCA Business Exchange lead criteria – 1. Won or lost bids for events took/are taking place after 1st January 2022; 2. Attendance of 200-5000 participants; 3. The lead must have ‘World/International’ as rotation; 4. Members are…

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15 April 2024

The Business of Events, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Business of Events is where you will meet and join a like-minded community of relentless innovators and trailblazers who thrive on creating meaningful human connections and leverage events masterfully to drive business growth and social change. We will explore new thinking and research on changing consumer behaviours; delve into the art and science of…

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20 October 2024

63rd ICCA Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are pleased to announce that the 63rd ICCA Congress on 20-23 October 2024 will take our members to one the world’s most modern and vibrant capitals, a destination renowned for its hospitality, courtesy, and excellent state-of-the-art facilities: Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Working with ADCEB (Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau), we believe…

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AIDS 2022 Conference Creates ‘Immeasurable Value’

In 2022, Montréal Convention Centre hosted the 24th International AIDS Conference, organised by the International AIDS society, bringing together approximately 8,000 people, including scientists, clinicians, people living with HIV, community leaders and decision-makers, and other stakeholders from around the world. A further 1,000 attendees joined the event virtually. The main aims of the conference were…

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Olena Pavlyuk | Destination Marketing in a Country at War

Destination Marketing Organization University (DMOU) Podcast: When the moderator went to the audience this year at the Annual Convention of Destinations International asking, “what keeps you up at night,” Lviv’s Olena Pavlyuk held out her mobile device and replayed a recording of an air raid siren. In this fascinating episode of DMOU, Olena shares how…

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