The Event Marketing Evolution

New technology shows companies exactly how their events are translating into real revenue and profit growth – all the while making event management easier and delivering a better customer experience.

For many corporations, hosting or sponsoring events – from small customer meetings to large conferences or industry trade shows – is an important component of their marketing programme. In a new global survey of more than 700 business executives by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 93 percent of the respondents say their organisations place a priority on hosting events, including 57 percent who give it a high priority. Nearly as many (85 percent) say their organisations also prioritize sponsoring events.

Marketers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate value for the dollars they spend on all forms of marketing, including events. Until recently, doing this was problematic: marketers simply had no efficient and reliable way to track the results of their event activity at scale. Today, with the newest generation of event marketing software, companies can finally begin to track the degree to which their events are translating into real revenue and profit growth.

The Event Marketing Evolution – An Era of Data, Technology, and Revenue Impact (full report, registration required)

Event Marketing Fuels Revenue Growth, Confirms Harvard Business Review Study (Meetings & Conventions article)

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