Africa: Business Events Insights and Predictions

The Event, a partner of The Iceberg, has just produced a five part series of video interviews called “Business Events Insights and Predictions”. These examine Africa’s current meetings industry and its future opportunities from a number of differing industry perspectives.

The series includes Gary Grimmer, CEO of The Iceberg partner GainingEdge, on business events as catalysts for the continent.

Also featured is Dirk Elzinga, General Manager at CIC Convention Industry Consultants, on building African association membership.

Swaleha Mohamedali, head of the Tanzania Association of Special Education Needs (TASEN), explains how her organisation came into being.

Rushdi Harper, owner of Wow Cape Town Tours, describes his business’ ten-year growth trajectory and how it has evolved into a destination management company.

Finally… Tes Proos, owner of Crystal Events Africa, looks at new opportunities in African business events.

Part 1: Gary Grimmer on business events as catalysts.

Part 2: Dirk Elzinga on building African association membership.

Part 3: Swaleha Mohamedali on how she identified the need for TASEN.

Part 4: Rushdi Harper on his company’s ten-year growth trajectory.

Part 5: Tes Proos on the new opportunities in African business events.

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