Vision 2050: Flanders Implements Legacy Projects as BMCC Opens

Iceberg Partner VisitFlanders has implemented a Legacy & Impact Program to ensure that the value creation derived from events is aligned to the destination’s vision for 2050.

Leveraging the region’s academic, start-up, and key sectoral assets, the DMO is aggressively targeting events which can leave a positive social or economic impact across the region.

In a video double-bill, Gemmeke de Jongh, International Association Expert for Flanders & Brussels, introduces the Program.

And Bruges weighs in with the opening of its Meetings & Convention Centre (BMCC) as a key infrastructure asset for accelerating its knowledge and creative economy. Bruges Mayor, Dirk De fauw, explains the role he sees the investment playing in transforming the city’s intellectual ecosystems.

Driving an innovative, sustainable, and accessible destination. Iceberg Ambassador Gemmeke de Jongh and her team of sector experts, including Milo Vergucht, explain how they align the mission of the events they host to community needs and gaps.

The Bruges Meetings & Convention Centre (BMCC) is a major infrastructure investment which will be deployed to attract events which grow its sectoral ecosystems. Mayor Dirk De fauw explains.

Support reading from the Visit Flanders e-Book Legacy Series:
A Lasting Legacy in Circular Economy

If you want to create legacy with your conference, Flanders welcomes you with open arms. Belgium’s northern region rolls out the red carpet for conferences that aim to have a positive impact on society.

That mission shows, for example, in the e-book recently released by VisitFlanders Convention Bureau, titled, “A Lasting Legacy in Circular Economy.”

As you already guessed, this publication is about Circular Economy. Legacy is key in this sector, because every raw material we reuse, every sustainable product we develop and every gram of CO2 we reduce has a positive long-term impact. Not only for today’s society, but on all generations to come.

Download the e-book: A Lasting Legacy in Circular Economy

How to Develop A Conference With Legacy

“I think therefore I am.” For associations, Descartes’ famous statement today evolved into: I create legacy, therefore I am.

A region that considers the legacy of your association as priority number one is Flanders. This northern region of Belgium supports conferences in many areas.

Flanders, for example, is the biotope by excellence for associations wanting to create legacy in Arts & Heritage. A heartwarming example you can read in the e-book VisitFlanders Convention Bureau published about conferences in this domain.

In this publication, Koen Brakenhoff of Museum Hof van Busleyden talks about the legacy of Hands On. The association, committed to the professionalization of children’s museums, aims for a wonderful long-lasting positive impact: to make children in vulnerable situations more resilient, and make museums a lever to create the citizens of the future.

Download the e-book: How to Develop A Conference With Legacy

VIDEO: Gemmeke de Jongh contributes to Anchoring Legacies of Association Meetings to the SDGs

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