LEGACY: The Destination / Association Disconnect

SFA Connect founder, Sarah Fleming, voices concerns at the lack of association engagement by destinations

Sarah Fleming, CEO & Founder of lead-generation and bid support agency SFA Connect and Iceberg Ambassador, explains the processes involved in preparing destinations in their bidding for relevant conferences and events which support both the key sectors as well as the local community. But associations are not recognising the value that destinations can deliver in supporting their missions with 75% not even mentioning legacy, impact, or sustainability in their RFPs.

Associations don’t see destinations as partners


The lack of on-flow measurement of impact, even if designed into the RFP and event, not just from a single event, but the continuum of measurement from one event to another, illustrates how associations are creating a sustainability void in their value proposition to members whilst creating an open invitation to the for-profit sector. This interview echoes growing concerns that associations are not sufficiently engaged in the impact and sustainability of their events, or other communications, with destinations experiencing limited success in offering support.

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