Unlocking Government Support the Sarawak Way

Chief Executive Officer of Business Events Sarawak and The Iceberg Ambassador Amelia Roziman ABS CIS combines with GainingEdge Chairman, Gary Grimmer, to share the success of her organisation as she prepares to host of the first ever ICCA Association Impact Masterclass being held in Kuching in April.

Alignment to the 10-Year Development Strategy of the Sarawak government featuring 6 priority sectors, 7 enabling sectors, and a single Legacy Ecosystem lie behind the resounding vote of confidence she has secured from government as she develops ‘The Legacy Capital of Malaysia’.

Roziman is on a mission. By 2030, legacy impact and sustainability will be second nature to Sarawak’s BE ecosystem

BE Sarawak’s assessment of the legacy impact of an association meeting or congress, aligned to government KPIs and indicators, are securing events for Sarawak. The first part of the DMOs ‘Sarawak 2030’ plan was to ensure the inclusion of Business Events as a priority sector in the Sarawak Government’s Post Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030.

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