Destination Canada to Unveil Case Study #1 at IMEX

The largest ever Legacy & Impact Study of Business Events, announced by Destination Canada last year, is set to unveil its first video-rich edition to the Press at IMEX in Frankfurt.

The 3-Year, 16-event study of events held in Canada between 2018-2024 will deliver insights and data which ultimately may provide a framework for extended application by the whole of industry. Key learnings, delivered through annual reports, will enable the Canadian Government to assess the strategic role of events aligned to its 6 priority sectors, and enable Canadian destinations to extract key learnings which can contribute to enhanced bidding. Destination Canada will further share the output of the study with industry.

You can view the introductory video to the Study featuring Virginie De Visscher, Executive Director of Business Events at Destination Canada, and key research partners GainingEdge and #MEET4IMPACT below:

Destination Canada is setting new standards in impact design and measurement as a result of the study

#MEET4IMPACT co-founder and CEO, Geneviève Leclerc explains that “there’s not a massive amount of data giving us growing evidence of how these impacts [from events] grow from being small impacts to big impacts over time, so the whole purpose of this study is to bridge this gap.”

Meanwhile Gary Grimmer, Chair of GainingEdge explained that “The Canadian Government is really focussed on trade, and it’s really focussed on innovation, and it’s really focussed trying to advance industry clusters. I think they, more than other governments, realise that the Meetings Industry is a really effective strategy for developing new industries, for bringing in new talent, and all of those things.”

Destination Canada has provide a web page for the media and other interested parties to download the study materials as they are published. You can find it here: Business Events Legacy & Impact Study

Storytelling support is provided by the Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Movement, and The Iceberg.

De Visscher and Leclerc will reveal the first of the Case Studies on Wednesday, 15th May, from 11:30 – 12:00 noon in Room Symmetrie 2, Hall 8, Level 1 (to the right of the main entrance to the show, on the right, and up the stairs…)

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