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Kai Hattendorf on the UFI Global Congress in Las Vegas

In this episode of The EXHIBITOR Now Podcast, Tommy Goodwin (Exhibition & Conferences Alliance) chats with Kai Hattendorf, Managing Director / CEO at UFI, about UFI’s advocacy work in the US and around the world, and Kai shares some insights into the upcoming Global Congress in Las Vegas in early November. Co-Hosts, Mark Johnson and…

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COP 27: Hattendorf Delivers End of Term Report

Kai Hattendorf, the omnipresent managing director of UFI and past president of the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC) reports back from COP27 with a progress report on the sector-wide Net Zero Carbon Events movement.  “We’ve done what we initially wanted to achieve in three years in just eighteen months through the power of collaboration.”…

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