THE POLLINATOR – Belinda Moore and Associations

From the BestCities Global Forum in Melbourne earlier this year, Strategic Membership Solutions’ owner, Belinda Moore, was perhaps the pick of the speakers on view. Covering 9 challenges that keep association executives awake at night, the editor of Associations Evolve shares her insights with The Iceberg.

Destinations that embrace the association challenges will succeed – moving from transactional to purposeful relationships.

Despite the acceleration in digitization fuelled by AI, Moore remains resolute in her belief that the tumultuous changes in society are best addressed by convening great minds through association meetings. Further, she also gives examples of how to use AI to ensure optimized revenue generation from these meetings and ensure a sustainable business model for these sleepless executives.

For more of Belinda’s shared experiences through the prism of association leaders, you can view Associations Evolve here: Associations Evolve | 2024 & BEYOND

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