GLOBAL DIY-SUMMIT: Copenhagen Inspires Organisational Transformation

The Global DIY-Summit is jointly organised by the DIY Retailers Association (EDRA), Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN), and the Home Improvement Manufacturers Association (HIMA). It’s managing director, Inaki Maillard EMBA, shares the story of how the deployment of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab to co-create the DIY Legacy Project has transformed not only the event, but given re-birth to an entire profession.

Emerging from COVID and faced with systemic failure to attract new members, audiences, and commercial partners, a chance call from the Copenhagen Convention Bureau led to a reverse-mentored strategic plan which now transcends the DIY and Home Improvement Sector communities and the standards to which they aspire.

Losing relevance to the next generation, whose demands for a more sustainable and equitable purpose were not being addressed, Maillard and the Copenhagen Legacy Lab conceived the DIY Legacy Project and presented the plan to the assembled community in Copenhagen at the annual event, held in 2022 in Copenhagen. The resulting boom in membership and sponsorship has proved transformational.

The DIY Legacy Project is part of the DNA of the organisation. Everything we do is connected to the DIY Legacy Project.

Extending the agenda of the Project to address concerns over DEI and digitization has ensured that an entire channel of communication is sharing a new suite of best practices revealed in the Annual DIY Legacy Trend Report, propagating changed collective behaviour, standards, and action.

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