ICCA Heads to Sarawak for Association Impact Masterclass

At IBTM World in Barcelona, the architects of the ICCA Association Impact Masterclass confirmed that the educational is to take place in Kuching from 25-27th April. A 2-day immersive educational designed and delivered by GainingEdge and #Meet4Impact, the Masterclass is appropriately being unveiled in the ‘Legacy Capital’ of Malaysia and Borneo and hosted by its Seed Fund Contributor, Business Events Sarawak (BE Sarawak).

The Masterclass will earn credits towards the ICCASkills certification. “Associations are in the best position to make a real difference in society and through this certification they will gain the latest knowledge and skills that will strengthen their event design and contribution to societal and economic development,” said BE Sarawak CEO, Amelia Roziman. “We are very excited to host the first Masterclass in April and welcome everyone from around the world to become Certified Association Impact Leaders,” she concluded.

The Masterclass will accelerate impact both globally and locally as associations pursue their mission

A full report from IBTM, and links to registration can be found here: Association Impact Masterclass launches at IBTM Barcelona

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