Was 2022 A Tipping Point for the Legacy of Events?

As we enter a new year, #Meet4Impact’s Geneviève Leclerc, assesses the progress the sector has made in relation to value creation. “We’re close to the tipping point,” she says.

Destinations are recognising the need to embed impact strategies into their marketing alongside their sustainability programs. Professional societies and associations (as illustrated by the International Liver Congress in London) are awakening to the advances that their conventions and congresses can contribute to their mission. But, neither the destination hosts nor the event owners have sufficient resources or funding in play to realise the full value creation that events can deliver, she suggests.

The ecosystem for successful events extends well beyond its supply chains – this includes economic and social development agencies

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Feeling the Pulse: Using Events to Catalyse Regeneration and Impact

Enjoy the expertise of Genevieve Leclerc, Co-founder and CEO of #MEET4IMPACT, and Guy Bigwood, CEO and Chief Changemaker of GDS-Movement, as they explain how we get events to “be the change we need to see” and explore some of the new collaborative projects you’ll see in 2023.

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