A Phoenix named Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand, has emerged from the natural disaster bestowed upon it in on 22nd February 2011 with a renewed sense of respect for the role of business events in driving social and economic recovery. But the city shows an equally well-informed respect for Mother Nature and a commitment to carbon reduction across its supply chains, most notably the ‘Hydrogen Consortium’. And the move to net zero travel may be over the horizon but that isn’t stopping Christchurch Airport, Airbus, and Air New Zealand collaborating in their efforts to achieving it.

Christchurch is addressing the needs of the natural environment using its intellectual and built environments


In this report from AIME 2023, The Iceberg hears about the new built environment, and especially the ‘Gathering Place’ also known as the Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre. But as Megan Crum (from the convention bureau) and Ross Steele (from the venue) reflect on the re-imagined DNA of the city, the underlying vision for the city is it’s re-imagined sense of purpose. It has been granted an opportunity to phoenix and taken it…

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