BACK IN THE ROOM: Madrid PLUS Tool compounds Copenhagen Legacy Lab as BestCities Global Alliance accelerates legacy and sustainability agenda


The BestCities Global Alliance annual Forum held in December in Madrid revealed a second digital tool, hot on the heels of the Copenhagen Legacy Lab, for international associations and destinations to co-create their legacy and sustainability pathways – the Madrid PLUS (Platform for Legacy through Us) platform.


The platform, created by the Madrid Convention Bureau and host to the 11 member cities and 25 associations attending the Forum, provides connections with over 30 local and national NGOs, Associations, Institutes, Foundations, and Charities with whom to work with in order to effect a positive social, economic, or environmental impact aligned to the UNSDGs resulting from international association events.


The Madrid PLUS platform sits comfortably as the sequel to the award-winning Copenhagen Legacy Lab which was unveiled at the previous Forum in 2019 and received the Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Award in 2021 for Innovation.


At the Forum in Vancouver in December, the city will unveil a case study series by Capilano University documenting the legacies of key events supporting the strategic vision of the host associations as well as the city’s interests in transforming priority sectors identified in its (and Destination Canada‘s) own strategic pathway to a knowledge and creative economy.



BestCities continues to lead legacy charge


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James Latham reports. Video by Toby Miller