Call for Partners & Ambassadors 2021/22

The Iceberg is Your Industry Platform



The established platform and resource repository for the global business events industry, The Iceberg, is a critical component of the effort now underway to respond to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and support the re-opening of industry.

It is a universal, neutral, non-profit source of the insights, case studies and documentation that are required to support arguments for the role our industry must and will play in driving economic recovery and re-invention. At the same time, it is a vehicle for the industry to share experiences and communicate in ways that will support a coordinated effort.

Created and sustained by the industry itself, it has been serving an essential role in promoting a collective approach to industry advocacy. This role is more critical than ever with the collective need to demonstrate consistency in relation to the UNSDGs and to enhance our credibility and relevance as we move forward.

As a member of the industry with a stake in its future you / your organisation needs to play an active role in this.

By supporting The Iceberg you are engaging in a global effort to restore our place in the economic and societal advancement that we can collectively deliver at a critical time for everyone. Yes, we deliver huge demand for suppliers of travel and hospitality services – a fact well documented and understood – but we deliver outcomes and legacies which will drive recovery, innovation, and growth across all sectors and government ministries on the other side of the pandemic.

Let us be ready and armed to help governments understand the role we stand ready to deliver – as organisers, professional communities, businesses, DMOs, and suppliers.

Become part of that effort – and be recognised for doing so. Participation in The Iceberg is an immediate and important step you can take now – and we want you on board to contribute to, and share in, the storytelling of business events as the catalyst of recovery that cities and industries so desperately need today.


How to Participate


There are three qualifications to joining The Iceberg either as a Partner or as an Ambassador:

  1. Be prepared to invest in measuring and sharing the purpose, impacts, outcomes, and legacies of business events you hold or host. The Iceberg is the curator but industry is the creator, and there are several useful frameworks now available to measure both direct economic impact as well as immediate outcomes and then the subsequent legacies.
  2. Be prepared to consult local policymakers and politicians where investment decisions (in infrastructure and marketing) most often take place. The Iceberg is the global resource but the conversation at local level has to be yours.
  3. Agree to contribute to the crowd funding of The Iceberg – either as an organisation, or as an industry leader / individual. The more we collaborate as one, the less the burden is for everyone.



  • Each Partner / Ambassador agrees to contribute to (when appropriate) and share (always) the Business Events World newsletter via their social media and other channels.
  • Pay annually in advance the requisite fees (see below) appropriate to Partner category or as an Ambassador.



  • Each partner organisation or individual will feature within the appropriate section of The Iceberg.
  • Providers of events, education, publications, and newsletters will feature in the relevant sections of The Iceberg.
  • Each partner has the opportunity once per annum to have a banner on Business Events World.
  • All Partners and Ambassadors to receive graphic banners / footers / links as ‘Proud Iceberg Partner’ or ‘Proud Iceberg Ambassador’ for use on web sites / email footers / social media.


Annual Costs


  • Global Partner** (available to global industry associations and event owners): £5,000
  • Industry Partner (available to national or regional industry associations / industry marketing collectives / global agencies, AMCs, PCOs, DMCs, hotel groups, airlines, technology companies, and other suppliers): £3,000
  • National / regional industry event owners: £2,000
  • DMOs and Venues: £1,000
  • Publishers: £1,000 per publication
  • Local industry practitioners / agencies / AMCs / PCOs / DMCs: £1,000
  • All others: on request

* All partner organisations receive minimum x1 Ambassador profile

** Global industry associations may realise partnership by securing equivalent number of Ambassadors from within their members


  • Representing a Company / Organisation: £350
  • Individual: £250


Budget / Discounts / Trustees

The Annual Budget for operating The Iceberg is submitted for approval prior to each year of operation to the Iceberg Trustees. Any surplus for 2021 is converted to discount for 2022 on a pro-rata basis across all Partners and Ambassadors and / or invested by the Trustees into additional advocacy activities to be agreed by the Trustees and the Founder & Producer of The Iceberg, James Latham.


Thanks to The Iceberg Trustees




Call to Action


Please contact us to apply for Partnership or Ambassadorship to The Iceberg or call James Latham, Founder & Producer of The Iceberg on +44 (0)7836 741333.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the movement.

Please enjoy the original invitation and video launch of The Iceberg…


James Latham

Founder & Producer
The Iceberg
The Iceberg and Business Events World are facilitated by The Fred Production Company Ltd.