Geneviève Leclerc

Co-founder, #MEET4IMPACT

Geneviève is a Canadian industry professional based in Montreal. She has 26 years of experience in congress management and consultancy services for national and international associations and has managed international events in over 20 countries. Geneviève has been active at elevating the industry’s capacity in sustainability and value creation since 2006, when she was an early-adopter of green meetings practices, and she has sat on several committees that designed sustainable management practices for business events. She has more recently developed a passion for applying design thinking and lean startup practices to accompany organizations through innovation and has developed workshops, tools and frameworks to assist industry stakeholders in generating greater value from their activities.

Starting her career with a 16-year tenure working with Canadian PCO JPdL international as Senior Congress Manager and Manager for Strategic Planning, Geneviève was recruited in 2012 by Montreal-based international association The Transplantation Society to build internal capacity to manage the Society’s portfolio of international meetings. Strong from her multi-sectorial experience and strategic and disruptive thinking, she founded Caravelle Strategies in 2017, and currently wears many hats.

Geneviève works on contract as a facilitator, speaker, trainer and consultant with the association meetings industry worldwide, and she uses human-centered design and social impact theory to accompany organizations through change and innovation processes. She’s also the Managing Director of the International Society of Limnology – SIL, an international scientific society.

Her most recent venture, the #MEET4IMPACT project, builds on the synergies of her broad experience in meeting planning, association strategy and sustainability. #Meet4impact is a global non-profit organization with the mission of elevating the industry’s understanding and proficiency in implementing and measuring the societal impacts of business events. It does this by building an impact framework that offers a comprehensive process for generating, managing and measuring the positive societal impacts of conferences. Geneviève carries a very strong and clear vision of amplifying the broader impacts of meetings and supports all initiatives that are coherent with this vision.

Finally, she has founded a network of international associations in Montreal and, as a strong supporter of social entrepreneurship and of the missions pursued by associations, she is very active on the social innovation scene in her home city.