CLARITY OF MISSION: How the ESTRO Madrid Project yielded a €700m legacy for cancer patients in Spain


The BestCities Global Forum in Madrid came just a few months after the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) completed its much anticipated Congress, in August, within the same city. The Iceberg has been following the evolution of its legacy engagement project – The Madrid Project – which derived from a revolutionary RFP created by CEO, Alessandro Cortese, and explained at the IBTM Policy Forum by ESTRO’s former COO, Sven Bossu.


In a feature length review, The Iceberg Founder & Producer, James Latham, captures what could become the new blueprint for association congress RFPs and which will move legacy and sustainable development to the epicentre of future bids for association and other professional events.


In a vigorous effort to align impacts, outcomes, and legacies of association events to the mission and purpose of the professional community, every attending association at the Global Forum signed The Madrid Challenge, committing to centre their own RFPs around legacy and sustainable development goals reflective of their organisational mission. More on that to follow in the Review of the BestCities Global Forum next month including Madrid PLUS – the incredible new tool with which to further these goals – and example of the leadership from the Global Alliance of leading destinations.


ESTRO’s Cortese and David Noack, Director of the Madrid Convention Bureau, combine to explain the journey to an astounding legacy set to transform the capacity for cancer patient care across the whole of Spain but first, Genevieve Leclerc of #MEET4IMPACT explains how her organisation is providing the rationale and tools for destinations to apply their business events strategy to the longer term social, economic, and sustainable development priorities of governments as DMOs evolve as gateways to change.


Business and professional events are value creators, not just consumers, she explains…