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PCMA Picks Top 5 Meeting Trends to Watch in 2017

Meetings International just published some PCMA Convene 2017 crystal ball gazing. We’re very behind number five on the list… PCMA Picks Top 5 Meeting Trends to Watch in 2017 And here are IMEX’s thoughts on the same subject… The IMEX A to Z of 2017: 5 trends to watch as the year unfolds See also… 3…

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Welcome to the Revolution

A Welcome and Congratulations to The Iceberg! Joachim Koenig, President, the Joint Meetings Industry Council I am pleased to be able to contribute to this, the first edition of our newest industry communications vehicle The Iceberg, with a few observations of what it represents in terms of how far we’ve come and how much we’ve…

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Launch of The Iceberg

A warm welcome to The Iceberg! Perhaps the unusual name of our industry supported campaign – loudly trumpeting the value of business and professional meetings and events – needs a little explanation. I hope this video we’ve made says it all. All revolutions should be televised! And here’s a great version of the iceberg analogy from our good friend…

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Leaving a Life-Saving Legacy Behind

When the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) holds the World Diabetes Congress every two years, thousands of research scientists, endocrinologists, nurses, general practitioners, dieticians, diabetes educators, and health-care policy makers show up to learn about the latest advances in diabetes treatment and prevention. From PCMA Convene… Leaving a Life-Saving Legacy Behind

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