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Viewing all Results Attributes 10% of GHGs to Events

Trend towards virtual and hybrid conferences may be an effective climate change mitigation strategy. Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has urged event holders to shift conferences online. Virtual and hybrid conferences are greener alternatives to in-person conferences, yet their environmental sustainability has not been fully assessed. From…

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PCMA CONVENE | How We’ve Changed

What event organizers have learned about what their audiences want now: Here’s how a handful of organizations are incorporating lessons learned from the ways the pandemic affected their audiences, stakeholders, and members into their go-forward strategies – and how they continue to transform (or at least tweak) themselves and their events. From PCMA CONVENE…

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A Tale of Two Governors

International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk believes that people have a greater impact on outcomes than processes, regardless of the governance model. However, the potential harm caused by a single “bad governor” with significant influence over the association’s decision-making is often neglected in discussions of this topic… From Boardroom Global…

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Taking The Lead on Destinations’ Social and Economic Development

Events have the power to build inclusive communities and better places to live, highlighting the extent to which meetings and conferences can contribute to a destination’s societal impact. This was one theme explored in a webinar hosted by GDS-Index, a sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for destinations around the world. From Meetings & Conventions Asia…

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A Viable Net-Zero Trade Show Booth

Creating fully carbon-neutral trade shows may still be a mirage, but exhibitors wanting to cut their carbon emissions can now realistically do so. Here is one example of how to be a green exhibitor. Unravel Carbon, a software company that builds carbon reporting tools… From Skift Meetings…

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The Complexities of EDI in a Global Context

Equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI) and belonging, all terms that have become part of our everyday lives as association executives. We know we need to do more. We know we have responsibilities. But how do we frame our actions unless we reflect on our privileges, biases and assumptions, as individuals and as associations? From Boardroom Global…

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A Future Vision for Trade Shows

Despite evidence that attendees today have different priorities, business events have largely returned to the same formats as before the Covid pandemic. As organizers look to adapt to a new reality, industry leaders share their thoughts on the trade shows of the future. From Skift Meetings…

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The Unspoken Secret to Good Governance

International Advisor to Global Association Hubs Martin Sirk argues that people rather than processes have by far the greatest impact on outcomes. Books, articles, case studies and panel discussions on this topic almost never examine the destructive potential of a single “bad governor” with influence over the association’s levers of power. From Boardroom Global…

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Northstar/Cvent Meetings Industry PULSE Survey

As the new year began, meeting planner optimism continued to soar, as 61 percent of the 457 respondents to our first PULSE Survey of 2023 said they were more optimistic about the industry and only 12 percent said they were less optimistic. Download a free copy of the PULSE Survey report. From Northstar Meetings Group…

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A New Kind of Meeting Offset, a nonprofit platform with a model similar to carbon-offset programs, helps organizations and their meeting attendees counter the effect of laws in a host destination that they oppose without resorting to boycotts. Attendees have an opportunity to offset the travel-specific and general sales taxes paid in a host destination during a meeting… From MEETINGSNET…

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UFI Global Exhibition Barometer 30th Edition (January 2023)

This study is based on a global survey, concluded in January 2023. It represents up-to-date information on the development and outlook of the global exhibition industry as well as on 21 markets and regions. The results highlight the quickening pace of the industry’s recovery in 2022 and a positive outlook for 2023. From UFI…

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ChatGPT Sprints to One Million Users

AI tool ChatGPT gained one million users just five days after launching in November of last year. The conversational AI bot that can produce human-like text has been put to all kind of uses, from writing short stories, prose, music and term papers to programming basic code, solving math problems and doing translations. From Statista…

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