Maritz Global Events

Since the beginning of Maritz – back in 1894 – our company has been focused on people and potential. Fast forward more than 120 years and Maritz Global Events is doing what we do best – creating exceptional experiences.

Our committed team embraces their fulfilling work by following our cultural philosophy of “Unleashing Human Potential.” Our positive work culture revolves around our core value “First, Take Good Care of Each Other,” which is more than just a core value, it’s the fabric of our organization. It’s woven into our team’s everyday interactions with our clients and their guests, our many partners, our communities and with each other.

We believe the foundation of a great company and a positive work culture is trust. That can only be earned by being true to our word and by following through on our commitments. We know we are only as good as our people – and without them, we cannot be successful. That’s why we are creating fulfilling work and building an engaged work culture together – one that is built on trust, joy, fulfillment, and, ultimately, growth for all of us.

Our company’s best ideas come from our team, which is why we strive to give our team the time and trust to balance their commitments for today with creating our industry’s future. To ensure our employees have time to recharge and refresh, we put an emphasis on finding “white space” at work.

Our partnerships with renowned consultants, such as Juliet Funt, of whitespace@work; respected neuroscientists, such as Paul Zak; and experience experts, like Jim Gilmore, create a positive work culture at Maritz Global Events. Each member of our team feels empowered to bring their “best selves” to their jobs and discover fulfilling work, joy and growth every day.

Creating a positive work culture is critical to our success – and we are proud to be working together to achieve this culture for ourselves, our customers, our partners and our communities.