Intellectual Capitals

We recognise that many advances in technology, science, and medicine are radically changing the social and economic landscape of the global economy. Innovation and collaboration are drivers of change but a destination’s wealth in knowledge and human capital is the new magnet for growth and prosperity.

It has been proposed that given current trends, thirty percent of western industrialised jobs that exist today will no longer exist  in just ten years’ time. So where will the growth come from to achieve this transition to a knowledge economy  and where can business and individual talent realise the opportunities that these destinations offer?

We believe the Knowledge Economy will be driven by innovation sectors including life sciences, pharma, sustainable living and energy, the world of high-tech, clean-tech, logistics, financial service  and others. Many of these have been earmarked by local and national government frameworks as central to growth and future employment within their communities.

We also believe that you – the institutions, the corporations and talented  individuals from within these sectors – will benefit from this new insight and a new resource that will help you to identify where best to meet, invest, work and live.

Our mission is to constantly gather and produce information that will support institutions, corporations and individual talent seeking the knowledge, investment, business and career opportunities that an `Intellectual Capital` can deliver and where ambition can be realised