Global Association Hubs Partnership


International associations greatly benefit the local community in the cities where they are based. They contribute significantly to the local economy and to employment by

  • building capacity
  • profiling the city, politically and image-wise
  • creating opportunities for local and global talent
  • promoting its key strengths and competitive clusters
  • buying in a wide range of services
  • organising a large number of small and midsize meetings

An effective economic strategy for the Global Association Hubs partners is therefore to reinforce and expand our international association headquarters or regional office base.



  • To grow the presence of international associations in the partner cities;
  • To improve the partner cities’ capabilities to grow associations in our respective hubs;
  • To differentiate GAHP partners by our ability to offer local market intelligence, ease of access to the regional markets, and added value services such as education;
  • To act as a liaison between the international associations and local communities;
  • To reduce barriers and facilitate the activities of international associations seeking to work across different cultures.



  • To be recognised as an innovative partnership of global association hubs offering a unique value proposition to international associations which are expanding overseas;
  • To be the Partnership of the cities which are recognised as THE key association hubs globally.



  • To establish the partner cities as the natural base for international association offices and related meeting and event activities due to our quality of service, added value, effective operations, and association-friendly talent pool;
  • To be recognized as the premier global association hubs offering world-class services in order to grow our partner cities as knowledge societies;
  • To develop a value proposition and engage in common actions in favour of international associations for the benefit of members, leaders and staff personnel;
  • To establish common minimum international standards related to the establishment and operations of associations, and to promote these standards through global educational programs;
  • To facilitate the exchange of experience and sharing of best practice in activities provided by the partners in attracting international associations to our respective cities;
  • To mutually support each other in partners’ respective activities to promote our cities to international associations.