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Agencies and DMCs: The Future of the Sector Model

A Society for Incentive Travel Excellence conference session recently brought together both agencies and destination management professionals to examine the future of the sector model. The subject was defined as “the changing landscape of third party intermediaries”. The panel’s moderator reports. From editor’s blog at Meetpie.com…

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Malaysia: Some New and Old Incentive Experiences

The Iceberg’s very own Phileas Fogg, Pádraic Gilligan, was recently asked to deliver a workshop about “how Malaysia can build & sell compelling incentive travel experiences”. He took advantage of his time there to explore some new, and also not so new, products and experiences for the global meetings sector. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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Incentive Travel Industry Index: Survey Opens for Submissions

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence, Incentive Research Foundation and Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals have now opened up submissions for their new joint survey of the incentive travel sector. The resulting crowdsourced evidence-based study will provide insights into the current and future direction of incentives. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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Lyn Lewis-Smith: Sydney’s Vivid Legacies of Incentive Travel

Sydney has just hosted over 6,500 members of Jeunesse Global, the largest corporate incentive group ever to visit during the city’s Vivid festival. The huge meeting should contribute almost AU$40 million to the NSW economy. The Chief Executive of Business Events Sydney reflects on the value and legacies of such incentives. From Lyn Lewis-Smith via LinkedIn…

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IMEX 2018: A Global Perspective on Incentive Travel

Pádraic Gilligan is Chief Marketing Officer of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. During IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt, Pádraic (pictured on the far right at SITE NITE Europe) also jointly chaired a discussion on current trends in the incentive sector. SITE colleagues from all corners of the globe contributed. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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The Cyclical Incentive Market in a Recovering Economy

Jenner Carter, Head of Marketing at Lime Venue Portfolio, believes that team building, training and incentives have a cyclical outlook. As businesses return to investment, teams are again under pressure to perform and excel in a tough market. So after the lean years, are incentives once more on the up? From editor’s blog at Meetpie.com…

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The Incentive of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility initiatives are becoming an increasingly important element of incentive programmes. They drive employee engagement and build corporate culture. From ordering 800 garments for a gala evening, helping locals to buy an industrial sewing machine and start a business, to rebuilding a school, creating such legacies can be powerful, authentic and transformative. From motivate…

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Incentive Travel: Weighing the Worth

With the Events Industry Council’s “Economic Significance of Meetings to the US Economy” now out, and after incentive sector specific research from both the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence and the Incentive Research Foundation, how far do such reports correctly quantify the real impact and worth of incentive travel? From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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South Africa: Winning Incentive Strategies

Looking at the country through the eyes of an incentive travel planner reveals there are myriad ways to unpack and repackage the “South African experience”. Requests still come in for the traditional offerings like safaris and beach trips. But planners are all about looking at locations with a fresh eye. From the Event…

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SITE + MPI Global Forum 2018: A Roman Romance

Meetings are always about human contact and interaction, but delegates should also find time to enjoy their destination. At the recent SITE + MPI Global Forum 2018 in Rome, attendees were spoiled by the city’s classical and Renaissance heritage, and also by the facilities and venues hosting the event. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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SITE + MPI Global Forum 2018: All Roads Lead to Rome

The Eternal City recently became the Eventprofs City for a weekend as the SITE + MPI Global Forum 2018 hit Rome. The first time the two had joined forces, the benefits of co-location were immediately obvious both in the sheer range of speakers and sessions, and in the value consequently delivered. From editor’s blog at Meetpie.com…

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Golf: It’s a Fairway to Meet

Some consider golf a good walk ruined, but the game has always had its place in corporate culture. During the Trump presidency it might even be due a re-evaluation. Certainly golf can be a great equaliser as part of a meeting or incentive. But how to give attendees an above par experience? From Successful Meetings…

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Recognition and Reward: A Targeted Approach

Picking the right motivation for an employee to meet or exceed their target itself requires a targeted approach: understanding who wants what in an incentive. It also means putting reward and recognition right at the heart of attracting and retaining top talent. The Learning Experience and American Fidelity Assurance discuss strategy. From Chief Executive…

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Paul Flackett and Jane Schuldt Remembered

The holiday season is also a time to remember those who have left us during the past year. Two industry titans familiar to almost the entire sector, including the Iceberg team, passed away in 2017: IMEX Group Managing Director Paul Flackett, and former SITE President Jane E. Schuldt. With recollections of both legends, SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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SITE Index: Reading Between the Pages

The Iceberg has previously reported on the latest Society for Incentive Travel Excellence Index research report. Budgets are still growing and optimism is high, despite global events. Corporate buyers are understanding the effectiveness of incentives. Here’s some further analysis by the man who co-presented the study at IMEX America. From SoolNua’s Pádraic Gilligan at Padraicino…

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Pacific World Forecasts Industry Trends of 2018

Despite new technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, meetings and incentive professionals should expect next year to be all about “engagement”. That’s according to Pacific World, which has published a list of trends to watch for in 2018. Four in particular will drive engagement: localization, cultural immersion, community impact, and off-the-beaten-path destinations. From Successful Meetings…

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