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Sarawak: Growing Agriculture Through Business Events

Sarawak in Malaysia is leveraging business events to help it become a smart agriculture hub for the Asia Pacific region. The BESarawak Alliance has been formed to encourage growth in key sectors, and one of BESA’s first initiatives is an agriculture-based familiarisation trip taking place in conjunction with the first Sarawak AgroFest. From AMI Intellectual Capitals…

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BESarawak Alliance to Launch at TriBE 2018

Sarawak in Malaysia is to launch a business events platform to further its economic transformation. Initiated by the Sarawak Convention Bureau, the new BESarawak Alliance aims to create collaborative opportunities between government ministries and agencies through business events. The organisation will launch at Business Events TriBE 2018. From CIM News Magazine…

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Sarawak Convention Bureau Secured 89 Business Events in 2017

The Sarawak Convention Bureau secured 89 business events in 2017 (60 bids won, 29 supported) to be held over the next four years. During 2017 the Malaysian state hosted 47 conventions, including the 13th World Islamic Economic Forum and the International Summit on Peace. Sarawak also won its second BrandLaureate trophy. From CIM News Magazine…

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