Ping He

Global General Manager APAC, Maritz Global Events

I just celebrated my 25th anniversary here at Maritz Global Events. During this quarter of a century time frame I saw people come and go but I chose to stay because I consider working at MGE a career development journey not a job.

I believe strongly what my mentor Professor Saar who used to teach at Harvard, MIT and other prestigious universities so eloquently summarized in his 7Cs of Compelling Leadership: conviction, comprehension, competence, commitment, courage, compassion and character. Over the years these 7Cs have become my guiding principles. Back in 2003 I had a vision that one day I wanted to put Experient on the global map. The reason is simple: Technology has made the world very flat as Tom Friedman described in the title book. Technology has crushed down the barriers that hinder us from doing business with each other globally. If we don’t have the global service capability we will soon be globalized, simple as that.

I convinced the leadership to let me lead the global effort. I built the Global Sourcing Division with courage and conviction.  With a very small team we were able to book on an annual basis 400+ meetings in 50 countries and in more than 120 cities. These meetings have ranged from 50 to 25000 attendees. These meetings have been acclaimed as highly relevant with high impact and extra-ordinary customer satisfaction. Through sheer energy, integrity, and teamwork, we have enhanced Experient’s position as a market leader in parts of Europe and Asia Pacific.