Ajay Bhojwani

Regional Managing Director, MCI Group

Ajay, who is from Indian origin has been residing in the Middle East for over 20 years and been involved in organizing meetings in emerging markets for the past 15+ years as well as working with associations in defining and implementing strategies in global expansion. With an MBA in marketing, a degree in software engineering and a certificate in profiling human personalities, Ajay has taken a varied approach to business and the meetings industry with running events in several emerging markets in Middle East, Africa and Asia. His work also includes launching new economy based conferences and events in the region.

He currently works with the MCI Group as Regional Managing Director – Middle East & North Africa managing an operation run across 4 offices organizing over 200 events annually in more than 20 countries. His past work also includes consulting projects assisting associations and corporations in setting up international offices and launching new businesses in the form of trainings, certifications, and conferences in the MEA region. In addition, he has also worked with several government institutions in the region in assisting the development of tourism strategy for working with and attracting international associations to their destinations and defining more relevant tourism regulations and policies.