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US Homeland Security Clarifies Flight Electronics Ban

As European Union officials meet to discuss the threat of the US expanding its ban on large electronic devices in certain flight cabins, and as the travel industry says the ban has seen Middle East business drop by 2.8% and cost the sector $198 million, the US Homeland Security chief has clarified US policy on any potential widening. From Meetings & Conventions…  

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Trump Travel Ban II Heads to the US Supreme Court

After the 10-3 ruling of a federal appeals court that Trump Travel Ban II probably violates the Constitution and “drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination”, the Justice Department has asked the US Supreme Court – the nation’s highest legal authority – immediately to reinstate it. The Trump administration says the US will be safer under Executive Order 13780. From Meetings & Conventions…

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No US Large Electronics Ban on Flights from Europe… Yet

To audible sighs of relief from much of the international meetings industry, the US Department of Homeland Security has announced that America will not extend to flights from Europe its ban on carrying large electronic devices in passenger cabins. A bar is currently in force on flights from ten Middle East and North African airports. From Travel Weekly…

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