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BestCities Resources & Learning

Resources: Checklists & Templates to aid Meeting Planners in delivering a successful event. Learning: Latest industry trends, best practices & opinion pieces shaping the international meetings market:  Top take-aways from the BestCities Global Forum Dubai; How local ambassadors can impact international meetings; How one industry alliance is thinking beyond the economic impact equation; Unethical bidding…

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GCB Seminars

Our GCB seminars are customised trainings for meeting and event professionals. Based on a recent survey, education about trends, social media, marketing and communication are currently most in demand. A number of training offers, such as the “Sustainability Advisor 2.0” seminar and two interactive webinars, have already been successfully implemented. In future, the GCB will…

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Events Industry Council On Demand Webinars

Access quality education 24/7 from the comfort of your home! Earn CEs as part of the CMP Preferred Provider Program. Value of Certifications – Advance Your Career with the CMP; CMP Re-certification Webinar; Connectivity for Meetings and Events; Cyber Safety for Meetings & Events; Hotelier Confidential: Strategies on Capturing and Operating Healthcare Meetings; Improved Communications = Better Purchasing Process; Sourcing Medical…

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21 June 2017

Digital Experience Institute Live Online Course

The Digital Event Strategist (DES) Live Online Course is interactive training that teaches you how to strategically plan, produce and measure digital events. You will be using these acquired skills to plan all your 2017 digital and hybrid events. Classes meet online on Wednesdays and Fridays at Noon EST, and last approximately 1 hour. Login from…

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12 June 2017
7 June 2017

Membership Orientation – Webinar

Your membership with PCMA can put you on the right track to take your career to the next level. The information in this orientation program will help you to get started on your journey. PCMA is your gateway to the industry’s most relevant, cutting-edge information and knowledgeable leaders. So let’s get you prepped and ready…

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6 June 2017

The Power of Digital Events: Revolutionizing Audience Engagement

During this session we’ll examine the recently released PCMA White Paper “The Power of Events” providing insights into adult learning behaviors and expectations, examples of digital event/engagement adoption models and a five-year, live streaming case study from PCMA. This new data provide you the tools and information needed to push forward your own digital event…

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31 May 2017

Using Data to Improve Event Experiences and Revenues – Webinar

Many organizations are exploring more advanced conference data gathering methods to better understand attendee wants, needs, and behavior. While this is a fantastic step in moving towards a more data-guided approach, what does it mean to the organization, and what are the right business questions to ask and answer through this process? This webinar will…

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24 May 2017

Could 360° / VR be your most powerful medium? – Webinar

This webinar will aim to peek “behind the drape” and demystify 360° / VR technology while providing practical and relevant information to apply 360° / VR in your meeting or event. The meeting planner now has the ability to provide their stakeholders a preview of the final destination, and creative companies can immerse audiences &…

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17 May 2017

Help Your Team Succeed with PCMA’s Business Event Bootcamp –...

The strategies critical to keep business events vibrant, compelling and successful are constantly changing. Are you looking to stay up-to-date with trends and strategies on your schedule? Participate in this demo to learn how the PCMA Business Event Bootcamp course is designed to give you and/or your team unlimited access to the latest best practices…

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11 May 2017

Designing Event Learning That Sticks – Webinar

In this webinar, we’ll explore smart ways to design learning that sticks. We’ll start with a closer look at session titles and descriptions that draw event guests in. Then, it’s on to the session experience, as we examine content delivery models and room sets that are more conducive for learning. We’ll wrap up with ideas…

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