Sarah Fleming Associates

Sarah Fleming Associates Ltd (SFA) are a specialist agency offering destination marketing support (research, lead generation and new business development) to convention bureaux, tourist boards, venues and event management agencies across the globe. SFA have an excellent knowledge of the conference business sector – both Association and Corporate – and are extremely experienced at analysing and generating leads in this market. Managing Director, Sarah Fleming has over 20 years experience having worked within this sector since 1995. Having worked as a PCO for 10 years, she has an in-depth understanding of the conference market and set up SFA in 2006, a highly successful team of conference research and lead generation experts who are market leaders in this field.

Clients outsource their research and lead generation needs to SFA as it not only makes business sense – reducing overheads and freeing up sales staff to get on with what they do best ie direct selling – but it also means that vital future business opportunities are not missed. It is about working ‘smart’ – this work is not dependent upon timezones and geographical location but does require specialist research and data organisational skills so it is a great partnership!

SFA have always maintained that in order to successfully engage a potential buyer and attract conference business to any city or destination, it is important to be able to put forward a strategic business case for holding an event or conference in the city, looking not only at the immediate tourism impacts of the meeting, but also at the potential long-term legacy effects and benefits. Their lead generation campaigns always focus on a city or town’s wealth in knowledge and ‘human capital’ and then target individuals & conferences within those areas. They are therefore extremely excited and privileged to be part of this ground-breaking Iceberg project.